Draper Spring Roller Shades

Draper Clutch Operated Shades offer these desirable features:

Simplicity of design, durable materials and careful workmanship make DRAPER SPRING ROLLER SHADES America's first choice for quality light control and room darkening shades. DRAPER SPRING ROLLER SHADES are designed specifically for institutional use and manufactured to endure the toughest conditions. DRAPER shades are Custom Made to fit your windows and individually tested before shipment to make sure they operate perfectly.

Exclusive Features

  • Sleek, smoothly operating, bead chain control. Never needs adjustment. Our clutch operated shades are bidirectional and can be mounted for either right- or left-hand operation, as preferred.
  • Stainless steel operating chain, (standard), hangs at the side of the window, rather than the center, so nothing obstructs your view. Polyester chain optional at no extra cost.
  • New universal brackets allow outside, ceiling or jamb mounting. The same bracket is used for clutch and idler ends (there are no right or left hand brackets). Brackets available in 15/8" (standard) and 21/4" (optional) extensions.

  • Optional white bracket covers available for 15/8" brackets.
  • Shades operate easily and stop automatically the moment you release the chain. Shades factory tested for proper operation.
  • In multiple window openings, all shades can be raised or lowered to exactly the same height. Preset "up" and "down" stops prevent shade from being raised or lowered too far.
  • Optional aluminum fascia and endcaps conceal roller and clutch mechanism for a clean, modern appearance. Finishes: silver (Standard), white, ivory, charcoal bronze and black also available by request at no additional charge.
  • Clutch operated shades are offered in a wide range of room darkening fabrics and woven mesh fabrics to control glare while retaining the view. Available through 12' wide x 12' high.

Large Diameter Institutional Metal Rollers
All shades are mounted on rigid steel rollers. All rollers have heavy-duty springs and positive locking mechanisms. New ball-bearing style locking mechanism operate more smoothly than other devices on the market. Spring mechanism can be replaced easily in the field.

Heavy–Duty Cadmium–Plated Hardware
Heavy-plated steel hardware, complete with all necessary fasteners.

FabrikLok is a spline-in-groove fabric attachment system that prevents fabric from being pulled from the roller.

Product Specifications

DRAPER SPRING ROLLER SHADES are offered in your choice of 9 room darkening and 15 light filtering woven mesh materials, and in a myriad of colors. The most popular fabrics and colors appear on pages 7-8 of this catalog.

  • Colony
  • CPFilms
  • "E", "M" & "T" Screen
  • FlockŽ
  • XL & XL2®
  • 1260 & 1277
  • Linen Veil
  • Nocturne II
  • Obion
  • Roc-rol™
  • SheerWeave® Series PW3500/4100/4400
  • SheerWeave® Series PW4800
  • SheerWeave® Series SW2000/SW2100
  • SheerWeave® Series SW2400/2600/2900
  • SheerWeave® Series SW3000
  • SheerWeave® Series SW5000
  • SilverScreen
  • Soltis® 99
  • SunBloc Series SB9000/9100

Double–Needle Stitching
Both hems are double–needle stitched and back stitched for added strength.* Prevents hems from raveling and tearing. *Mesh shades do not have roller hems, and slat hems are heat seamed.

#4½ Large Size Cord
Hard braided large diameter cotton cord, at tached to slat with screweye and cord clasp. Screweye doesn’t weaken slat like punched eyelet holes used on shades of lesser quality.

Kiln-Dried Hard Maple Slats
Indiana hard rock maple, ?", 1 ¼" or 1½", at our discretion. Ten times stronger than pine slats.

Optional Fascia
Available with an attractive aluminum fascia to conceal roller. Finishes: silver (standard); white, ivory, charcoal bronze and black available on request at no additional charge. Endcaps and brackets are supplied with fascia.

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