Graber® G-71 Super-Vue™ Vertical Blinds

The G-71 Super-Vue vertical blind system is our industry standard vertical headrail.

It is available with standard cord and chain control or optional One Touch wand control that eliminates cords and chains. The G-71 Super-Vue is available with a stock release option. The G-71 is an aluminum extruded headrail with a steel pantograph spacing system and wheeled carriers.

Features & Benefits

  • Extruded aluminum headrail
  • Measuring 1 15/16" x 1 3/8" extra heavy-duty strength allows widths up to 191"
  • Steel pantograph spacing and traversing system
  • Precise spacing of louvers and trouble-free traversing
  • Standard E-Z Open™
  • requires cord clip for cord weight and card,- rotates louvers to the open position when traverse cord is operated
  • Plated steel bead rotation chain
  • Made of #10 nickel, smooth operation, corrosion resistant
  • Optional stack release
  • Allows louver stock to be moved for window cleaning
  • Clear non-yellowing carrier stems
  • Clean look, less obtrusive
  • Special shapes, chain/cord controls
  • Fits curved walls and angled windows
  • Lifetime headrail warranty
  • Dependable quality

    Product Specifications


    Manufactured by Springs Window Fashions

    1. Headrail is satin finish anodized aluminum alloy 6063-T5, measuring 1 15/16" in width and 1 3/8" in height, with a wall thickness of 0.050". Custom color matching available with minimum requirement.
    2. Carriers are molded acetal with a detachable stem, molded in clear, non yellowing, high impact-resistant nylon. Carrier stem is replaceable without demounting headrail. Carriers traverse on self-lubricating wheels and have stems positioned in the center, making track reversible.
    3. Rotation control: A #10 nickel-plated bead chain equipped with two tassels will rotate a planetary gear system. This drives an extruded (0.300 dia.) aluminum pinion rod that rotates carrier stems. Additionally, our standard E-Z Open feature will open louvers if traverse cord is operated.
    4. Traversing and spacing of louvers is achieved with a pantograph system made of hard-tempered 18-gauge (0.046") plated steel, providing uniform spacing. Louvers overlap no less than 3/8". Traverse cord is #3 (0.094") in diameter with a minimum tensile strength of 125 pounds. Standard traverse control is our E-Z Open feature, which has cords equipped with a cord weight and cord clip that is positioned right above the cord weight and anchored to the wall or window jamb. A cord tension pulley without E-Z Open is optional. Stack release is available as an option, allowing for louvers to be moved away from control end(s) for window cleaning. E-Z Open not available with 2" PVC louver.
    5. Louvers selected from vertical sample selection consisting of 3 1/2" wide fabric and PVC louvers and 2" PVC louvers. Standard is no bottom chain, with a single chain as an option. Bottom chain not available on all louvers. Fabric louvers contain a sewn in bottom weight.
    6. Installation Clips for ceiling mount are made of zinc plated, heat treated spring steel. For wall mounts, spring clip is attached to 4" long angle bracket of zinc plated steel.
    7. Size Limitations: Maximum width is 191" for 3 1/2" louvers, 157 1/4" for 2" PVC louvers. Maximum drop is 144" except for channel panel louvers, which is 120".
    8. Chain and Cord Control options include one-way draw stack left or right, one-way draw with opposite stack, center opening and center stack. E-Z Open not available with opposite stack, center stack, off-center stacks or special shape blinds.
    9. Optional One Touch Control Wand replaces cord and chain controls. Pultruded fiberglass wand rotates and traverses louvers. Wand control incorporates clutch to eliminate damage by over rotating wand. Size limitation with One Touch control is 70 square feet. Maximum width is 156" with a 64 1/2" drop. Maximum drop is 114" with an 88" width. Maximum drop of 114" includes sill height in overall measurements. Split draw not available with One Touch. Not available with 2" PVC.

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